Minwa Electronics Co., Ltd was established in 1977. We have been robustly growing from a local electronics factory to a leading manufacturing company of its kinds serving worldwide customers with experience, innovation and outstanding service over the past 30 years.

Today, our head office is located at Admiralty. And we have two factories in Shenzhen as well as a new industrial plant in Huizhou, symbolizing that we endeavor to cater our valued customers' needs in the fast-changing market. We strive to diversify our products ranging from OEM products, power supplies, battery chargers, electronic accessories and technological solutions.

Minwa's fully intergrated factory, consisting of in-house tooling, injection moulding, metal stamping, cable fabrication, and coil winding departments, which occupy 100,000 square meters and accommodate 40 production lines with a daily production capacity over 100,000pcs. It enables a higher flexibility in production and our products to be price-competitive. There are more than 4,000 staff and 100 engineers specializing in different disciplines. We provide in-house training to engineers, letting them familiarize with the latest technological developments and requirements of worldwide standards. Minwa has diversified into OEM/ODM business and a new OEM/ODM engineering team was formed accordingly with a view to serve customers better.

Pursuance of excellence in both of our products and services have led us forward over the past 30 years, we take pride in what we have achieved, but will never cease to seek improvement and growth. We thank our existing customers for their continued support to witness our growth and welcome any suggestions for improvement. We are looking forward to be the opportunity of establishing a partnership with those we have yet to serve in the near future.